Tuesday, 4 March 2008


In Gross Lab, we see no evil and hear no evil, we talk no evil and touch no evil. Everybody is dressed in White. Everybody is the same. Our Prof says the boys should wear shoes and the gals tie up their pony tails and manes, and cover up. He doesn't want to see no one of them display her mammary gland or gluteal region. And really it's an ODD world we live in : A gal wears a dress and her mammary glands are just short of falling out of it. You look into her face and she's less concerned. You begin to wonder. ..Till you've got to stop wondering. That's one other good side of Gross Lab: Everyone looks the same in white.

I've done a coupla posts on my Gross Lab experiences. Now, Gross Lab ain't the only curious place with odd experiences. You've got the Cold Rooms, Histology Lab, etc.

The Cold Rooms are reading rooms. In my early days here at MediLag, I used to think it ODD that they be called cold and used to think the term COLD ROOM was a euphemism for the conditions of those rooms, their temperatures were above room temperature, almost equalling body temp., they should have been called HOT ROOMS i felt and the fappings of them Medicos weren't ameliorating issues.

The rooms are better now, the ACs are working fine and they do the good job of facilitating fappings, though they could sometimes be so cold as to facilitate sleep instead of fappings.

Tomorrow's Histology Lab: It claims to offer you the fortune of viewing cells and tissues firsthand but whether you can or would see them is another issue entirely. What we see at best, whether you wear spectacles or not, are dark specks, stacks of red sacs and green mats of cells or tissues. You get fed up of the seemingly hopeless exercise in the end cos it looks like you saw the same cells last week.

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