Tuesday, 25 March 2008


B4 going to Camp for my kind of Easter celebrations: a Retreat, Gbenga came to the room and declared or rathere asked if any of us had heard that the tribunal had ruled in favor of the one and only Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. Everyone was aghast at the news. And we began asking WHEN?WHEN?HOW? Someone else talked about taking a BRT bus on his way home for Easter. Now, i would have been dazed by that too if i hadn't seen on Funmi Iyanda's blog those BRT pictures.

The moral of the above story is that most Med Students , Part I (Year II) especially, suffer from Social Stenosis and some even suffer from Social Atresia once in school as a result of highly proliferating academic responsiblities. There's almost no time to breathe, like Chike says.

On my way to the Camp i saw the BRTs and what do i think? I think it's a nice idea come to fruition but whether it can live without withering is what i don't know. Those buses will probably crash out abysmally in the end: there'll be accidents, breakdowns, fraud, etc. Management is the Nigerian Problem not the ideas.

Should we watch or pray?

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