Thursday, 20 March 2008


I live most of the time in Eko's room and my! you've got wonderful people there like Agbo, Matthews (2 of them: reason for the "s"), Daud, Qasim, Gbenga, Idris and Chike. Chike is one brainy, skinny, light-skinned guy with a moustache that runs superior to his upper lip who has a chronic habit of taking coffee to enhance fappings and when he wants to sleep he sleeps the way Sleep gets him - sometimes like a gnarled dragon stretching its parched throat inferoposterolaterally to the riverbed. Now Chike has this popular catchphrase "No Time" and he quotes that there's even no time to think of how to sleep, no time to talk, no time to even say no time - one begins to wonder how he even manages to find time to tell you there's no time to say no time.

But. . .really man there's no time. Immediately after Easter i'll be jammed with an Incourse and a CEEHEY. The cost of embarking with immediate effect on Easter might be pyrrhic if i don't take deliberate steps to fap them o, these two will be on my mind through the Easter if i dont and inevitably will hamper it. You see, there's almost no time to enjoy Easter.

Med School seems adept at manufacturing Part I Cyborgs or Zombies who are restless with fap, fap, fap. Who have got no time even to think and Chike even adds "there's no time to breathe."

God helps us o.

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