Friday, 29 February 2008


Inspite of the murderous mosquitoes that didn't spare me over the night and left me ridges on my arm and a swollen lower lip, today was a li'l less hectic, less tedious. Nothing beyond the expected routine - Anatomy class (8 - 10), Gross Lab (11 - 1) and BCH class( can't recall o' clock). Only differernt thing, perhaps, was the BCH class which didn't hold cos we were supposed to have the 1st Incourse on Monday, the next. "We were" cos it was postponed this afternoon.

ISSUES might really not be the best title for this Post but . . .

In Gross Lab today we had to work on the abdominal part of our cadaver. Abysmally, we are about 45 to a cadaver which means not everybody can dissect but at least everybody can watch and talk. Dissecting tha abdomen of the cadaver implies you can't miss his( or her, but our's is a he) pubic region cos you'll have to identify the spermatic cords, etc. Now, in my group there are a number of enterprising girls who have generally directed the dissection of Our Man. Today they had to deal with his private parts - his pubic hair was getting in the way of their knives which ultimately meant he needed a shave.

Who was going to shave Our Man? The girls were feeling very inconvenient or plussed ( i suppose that's the antonym of non-plussed). They called on the the guys and, ofcourse, they backed off. Who was going to shave Our Man? The guys didn't want to do it either.

The girls eventually had to barber the thing o. The ISSUE, which i feel is quite surprising, is the respect ( if i can call it that) humans or Africans or Nigerians(regardless of sex) have for the private parts, even those that belonged to the dead, the same dead harmless helpless cadaver they had haplessly diemboweled and unhearted.

ISSUE 2: While waiting to get my clearance, it struck me how much stress Med School involves and i asked a co-student waiting, "what makes people study Medicine?" He answered "Ignorance." That's quite an answer and i didn't envisage that was what he'd say. Curious, i asked him still "what made you chose to study Medicine?" He answered "Not ignorance though," I laughed and asked him again. This time he explained that was where he knew he'd function well, so it was an issue of him utilizing himself optimally which many others don't know b4 taking the plunge. Brilliant Answer! Fantastic!

ISSUE 3: What F Iyanda calls "Nigeria Super Tuesday."Was that verdict UNWRONG?

Thank GOD it's Friday?
SLEEP in Caps Lock.

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