Monday, 18 February 2008


Gross Lab was STARK the first time we went a-visiting, the lab was hot, sickly and unwholesome - miasmic. Everything in the lab, especially the tables, perhaps, pointed, not at the coldness of death (infact one couldn't have thought of death as cold in that hot lab) but at the sureness that we were going to work on dead bodies, real dead bodies. I had no funny imaginations, forgot those folk tales about a cadaver blinking his eyes, rising up to give you a clean dirty slap. Nevertheless, i felt we all were never going to remain the same after our first meeting with the President of the White House (Cadaver, of course).

We did eventually meet him... funny there meeting was devoid of soberness and was instead characterised by vigor, everybody wanting to discharge and cut, cut , cut.

Gross Lab REVEALS, it exposes without reserve a man INSIDE OUT and OUTSIDE IN. His private parts become public knowledge. We dissect the lungs, etc. even his heart.

But even with the advanced techniques science has made available to us to search a man thru and thru, his MIND we can't dissect, his MIND we can't , won't find, no matter how deep we cut into his heart. I think that still makes God King.

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