Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Excerpts from Tolu Ogunlesi's blog:omoalagbede.blogspot.com and Funmi Iyanda's fiyanda.blogspot.com. The first one's titled globalization, set in desert. It's a black woman, characteristically dressed in masai red, supporting with her right hand what i'll call a mushroom burger, and look at that giant can of Coke - the icon of globalization, i guess. The second, coincidntally, is also an offshoot of globalization and Funmi added this teaser: IS THIS THE MEASURE OF THE NIGERIAN MAN? Really, i hope it isn't.And the billboard reminds me of ads, modern-day, at least. Ads that do not encourage values. The Vono foam radio jingle, for instance, subtly makes allusions to its product being good for sex - whatever the press ups were supposed to mean?.

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