Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I wasn't at the Aquatic Hall, somewhere, i guess, in Ipaja, for a motivational 'congress' organized by RISE Magazine. Was a little cash-strapped. As guest speakers were Funmi Iyanda, Dr Reuben Abati, Funke Egbemode, Fela Durotoye. And as Chief Guest Speaker was Chief Gamaliel Onosode. the sexpurist-centrist Praise-Fowowe was also in attendance. Now i wasn't there but got a copy of the RISE Mag from Hassan, a hostel mate, who was at the meeting. I recall catching a glimpse of this line in Praise's Article, of course,it bordered on sex: ...Ladies are considered containers, in these modern times, where semen from a loaded male was meant to be downloaded (Mind you the quote ain't verbatim). I didn't disagree. Wasn't baulked. Not until Wednesday when a boy tried smuggling two gals into the hostel. Ostensibly for sex. He tried twice. Once in the afternoon, he got them into his room and locked up until security men had to force him out. Then in the night. I mean. . .Praise's line bursted forht in my mind. . .but his line was an understatement. . .they could be worse than containers. . .

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