Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I've been at school at the University of Lagos for 4wks+. We were called back with the assurance that lectures would commence with immediate effect from the 28th of June. Lectures were not given. Effect is that the big bucks guys brought to school ebbed away gradually: wasted on clubs, women, alcoholic drinks, cigar, i.e., for the big boys. For the smalla'uns, t'was wasted on food, the large stock of food some brought declined drastically'cos they had to feed thrice daily- under normal lecture circumstances that wouldn't happen- the lecture periods had a way of cutting hunger out of the system. And a deadly survival instinct taught boys and, of course, those multi-painted UNILAG girls how to prey on ceremonies held at the MultiPurpose Hall and Sports Complex respectively. The Time Table is strictly laid out:
THURSDAY: Birthday
FRIDAY: Burial Ceremony
SUNDAY: Thanks Giving
If anybody dons a traditional dress between Thursday and Sunday you can almost be sure they're heading for the MPH or Sports Complex to eat and drink. Such was the effect of the ASUU strike. Unfortunately this survival habit is acutely addictive and is persisting even after the strike's been called off just like the higher prices of goods are even after the 100% increase in VAT has been cut by half.

The broken-hearted weeping clouds have also sown idleness in the sons and daughters of men in this school. The cold showers make them sleep like logs. And some don't arise from bed until 10.00AM even 12.00PM. Next on the Agenda is a tiring game of monkeypost-football on a sand pitch from then till six.

Lorenzo's place is also almost never vacant. What do they do there? play PS till 2.00AM. What again o...Okay one guy also tried smuggling two gals in. I have it on the authority of good evidence that the bulk of the many students who decided not to go home during the ASUU Strike/Break stayed back because of these unGodly business...

Idleness was given a free-rein and it did reign.

Now the strike's o'er, me Dad gladly called me from AK that it was over. Today's Wednesday and LECTURES HAVE STARTED, we had one today: BTN. I'm glad. And i really had to buy a 5-Packed note in readiness for that.


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