Thursday, 26 July 2007


© Molara Wood

I know a little. But many know very little of what i know. There's not only a lot to learn about Nigeria, there are lots to learn about Africa. It's amazing inspite of the AudioVisual Revolution, too many young Africans - I, in my twenties, for instance - know li'l about themselves. Reminds me of Funmi Iyanda's Elephant post - it made me realise i know little about the Civil War, than that it was between 1967 and '70 - Many don't even know. I recall her ask, on New Dawn, about the The Rwandan Genocide from her Wednesday Class - And, more or less, none of them knew.

Here's Goree:Built by the Dutch in 1776.
Read more on more on Molara Wood's blog: the picture's origin.



yes, it is sad that we just do not know much about our history particularly in an age when information is readily accesible.

keep learning. keep discovering.

nice post.

Wordsbody said...


I have sent you a private email concerning your use of a my photo of Goree.

Grateful for a reply once you've checked your mail.


toks adetuyi said...

Ma'am, i haven't seen your email.

I'm wondering se mi o ti se by using that pic.

Will you please send me it again.

Wordsbody said...

Hi: I have resent the email but in case you don't get it:

Ko si wahala, mo kan fe ki awon eniyan maa beere ki won too lo foto mi ni. Sugbon ko si ija rara.

Grateful if you could put the © next to my name on the post.

Pls let me know if any bit of the Yoruba above is unclear.



toks adetuyi said...

Deeply sorry. Deeply sorry.
I've put the ©.