Tuesday, 29 July 2008


When i was a kid
I was told of all God did
That he created Light
Secreted the Day and the Night
He made Man
And Woman
He gardened them in Eden
Where nothing from them was hidden
Not even the fruit forbidden
Everything was paradise
Until his commandment they despised

When i was a kid
I saw all that God did
I saw the trees and grasses so green
And admired our flag's Green-White-Green
I saw the sky so blue
Not just once in a moon so blue
I saw the cattle egret so white
And thought of God so so WHITE
I recall this song,
Not too short, not so long:
Leke Leke
Eye Adaba Bami Leke
Even the egret's dung was white like snow flakes
Everything still was paradise
Despite his word which we spiced with respite

Now i'm grown
Everything seems to have away flown:
The white, the blue, the green, the egret-
Everything's gone and there seems to be no regret:
The egret's white
Is a camouflage of stains so unwhite
Its neck stick out so long
From suffering, seeking food for so long
The ball of its head
Bald like the vulture's own head.

The world ain't like it used to be
When i was kid, a man-to-be.

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