Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Forget your rights
Forget putting up a fight
Forget the light
And sink into the night
-weeping will only endure the night-
Tomorrow will be alright
-'cos joy comes in the morning.

Light is an inconstant
element that constant
ly puts a red card
to all we plannd
to do at night-
then we start this old new talk about
Nigeria-everyone's jugular jutting out-
that sustains until everyone's fagged out.

We wake up in the morning
there is still no light- then
someone makes a comment
about Obasanjo's 10 million dollars
(abi na billion) into NEPA
only able change NEPA's name to PHCN!
the old new talk starts again a-new
just as of old we talk it for hours
laying its bricks till it's as high as the Two Towers.

We think of our Incourses
Go to read, for classes
Return to cook to eat 'cos there's now light
then there's no light
And the Indomie on the hotplate grows cold
We sigh, gasp, almost weep till we sleep.



"...almost weep, till we sleep"

true, too true. Hope all is well.

toks adetuyi said...

All's well,
Really well.