Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Despatched to a shadowy corner in a cybercafe; straining my face close to the keyboard with my nose almost typing letters for my hands - bear with me for typos, if there are any. . .and the incoherence . . what with my condition . . .Was supposed to have an Incourse tomorrow: the most challenging, Anatomy.

It was adjourned though and now i'll be having it next week: Thursday and Friday. The knowledge of that in your consciousness is like having the Sword of Damocles hanging threateningly over your head. And then comes in the middle of that the result of a previous Incourse in Physiology. . .made a close distinction. . .

. . . Reading good ol' Solomonsydelle's comments also evaporated ideas. 'Twas a wonder having as many as 3 comments on one post with her's embedded inbtw. . . the great YoRUba people like to say iru e la o maa ri ( na dat kin thing na im we go dey see ) . . .


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