Saturday, 24 November 2007


Max Planck's dad was a professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Kiel, Germany and he invariably wanted his last son, Max, to study law like all his siblings had. To his dad's consternation Max decided not to study law but physics and he eventually did at the University of Kiel. Before he took the plunge his prof-dad reminded him that all the discoveris there were to make had already been made in the field of physics. Then came the year 1900, the year Prof Max discovered the constant called Planck's, h. His discovery changed the face of physics and became the foundation for a new field of physics -Quantum Mechanics. Before his discovry scientists had thought that electromagnetic radiation could not exist as both wave and partile. Now they know better. That was Planck's effect in a field where all the discoveries had already been made.

The moral of this story is that in an environment infestd with negatives we should still learn to unleash our detrmination, and frustrate tradition with our creativity.

In the midst of a struggling economy we could still extract solutions to our power problems and stop the over-dependence on oi; we could better our educational system, and change the face of our science and tehnology,we could add somthing to Nigeria.

If only we think there are still discoveries to be made.

A pal sent me this mail months ago:

I had a closer look at the cieling of the auditorium in school a few days back and I maveled at the cost and amount of effort needed to clean up the ceiling at such a deadly height. quickly it occured to my mind that knowledge truely is power as biotechnology can solve it all by studying closely the neucleotide sequence behind the cob web production in a wild type domestic spider or precisely that specie thriving in the auditorium hall. once this is done, tangible effort at altering the loci responsible for the thickness of the cob-web can be achieved. if this success is attainable the mutagenic agent canbe packaged in an air freshner-like spray which we can at home or in the hall spray on the ceilings and the walls such that it infect the eggs, contaminate the already spinned cob webs, and the spiders themselves.

Still In the line of duty, as a biotechnologist,

I want to say I have missed you and its been more challenging having to do all the thinking alone.

we hope to meet some day and sharpen each other up again just like irons do to each other.

I know you will do well wherever you find yourself.

well now you are specializing in clinicals and I in applied BioTech., we will still have something to gain from each other anyday.

miss you Bashorun TK.

He writes..............Pyran, the bioinfomatist

Did you catch the tinge?

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