Friday, 10 August 2007


This don't dress skimpily saga is slowly steaming.

Funmi Iyanda and co. victims.

And then the RCCG proclamation or better still anticlamation against trousered females. Fad is what split his church into two factions: the Model and the Classics. On campus, here in the UNILAG, there are two fellowships of the same church - the Sovereign Army and the RCF. One's conservative (RCF), the other's radical (Sovereign Army), their attitudes are diametric but they are of the same Church. Where's the unity in the church? Is Christ Divided? I think the Pastor took a right decision to stop the mess.

Now don't go thinking something's wrong with everything.

And i really think they should start the enforcement on the campuses, UNILAG especially.

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